Awareness and Coaching Studies

“Continuous self-management is one of the most valuable talents a person can have” (Bertrand Russell).

  • Am I aware of my competencies objectively?How do I improve them?
  • What do I contribute to myself, my work, the institution I work for?
  • How can I do it better?
  • Which way should I follow?
  • How can I improve my self-management?

Change begins with ‘awareness’ first. It includes the steps of people to gain perspective about their abilities, skills, values, main motivations, strengths, development areas where they are challenged, and to create action plans / road maps accordingly.

Services provided:

  • Career Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • New Assignment / Onboarding Coaching
  • Learning Styles

Career Coaching

It has been determined that employees are 50% more productive in organizations that have career management focus. An effective career management strategy increases employee value, productivity and employee engagement. Individuals benefit from our coaching and career development efforts to understand ongoing development opportunities and define a career path that suits their strengths and goals. We believe that career management is the responsibility of individuals as well as institutions.

Team Coaching

It is a program that enables teams within the organization to work more harmoniously and effectively, achieve their goals, develop together and achieve more productive results. Employees with this program;

  • They start to work together more effectively,
  • They know each other better, understand their differences and treat them with respect,
  • They focus on common goals,
  • They create synergies and look from different perspectives,
  • Increases creativity,
  • They enjoy contributing to each other's development.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching includes recognizing own potential more clearly, reviewing own vision and goals, and evaluating the organization's culture, career management, and performance goals with an holistic perspective.

With the completion of the first step, 'awareness', the person aims to determine the action steps to achieve his/her goals, to take steps to change the conditions that limit him/her and to live his/her own values. Through this process, it is aimed to be the leader of his/her life.

New Assignment / Onboarding Coaching

Although it includes the steps of Executive Coaching in general, people are evaluated from all sides with a 360 Degrees point of view in order to understand what awaits them in their new roles, the definition of success is made and the goals of the first three months and six months are clarified. In parallel, the person is supported to realize his / her potential on the way to his / her goal and to align his / her own values and performance. In this study, purpose-oriented tools and methodologies are used in addition to inventories.

Learning Styles

In today's conditions where the rate of change is constantly increasing, learning is one of the most important and even indispensable competencies. It is beneficial to have knowledge about one's learning style In order to increase the speed of learning, the amount and the recall rate of the subjects learned,

In our studies, we support our coaching-development projects by using the inventory of learning styles, and we also help institutions to create 'personalized' solutions while structuring their training / development programs.