• Mentorink

    We have developed structured Digital Mentoring Programs that enables organizations to start and run smart mentoring activities at scale in a very effective way with the Mentorink . The programme provides smart matching, training, supervision, design customized content, instant feedback and follow-up-analysis at digital platform.

  • Davranış Bilimleri Enstitüsü

    The 16pf inventory, one of the most widely used and reliable personality inventories in the world, aims to provide comprehensive information about an individual’s whole personality, revealing potential, confirming capacity to sustain performance in a larger role and helping identify development needs. As certified consultants of the 16pf inventory, we use it for many different purposes, specifically: Leadership Development, Recruitment, Assessment Center, Executive and Career Coaching, Outplacement. We also provide consultancy on the use and interpretation of inventories serving different purposes that add value to institutions such as Learning Styles, Sales Competencies & Cognitive Skills.

  • DISC Akademi

    DISC Personality Inventory is one of the most common personality assessment tool used to evaluate the characteristics and core competencies of candidates and employees. We frequently use inventories and solutions for different purposes, especially the DISC Personality Inventory, in our workshops and development programs. We interpret the DISC inventory and commonly use it in teamwork or one-on-one Assessment-Coaching-Mentoring programs.

  • Hasada Yolculuk

    In the workshops we hold in nature, we host our guests with 'Hasada Yolculuk' in locations close to Istanbul, which produces with the principle of organic – sustainable farming. While we think deeply on both our inner and business journeys, we experience to touch the soil and taste natural products in nature.