Talent Management

Talent Management can be defined as having and applying defined strategies for organizations to acquire, develop and retain human resources to achieve their strategies and objectives

Organizations that implement Talent Management provide significant benefits in areas such as customer satisfaction, sustainable profitability, productivity, innovation, change management. For this reason, it is critical that each employee can use his or her talents at the highest level, in an appropriate role, and to promote an effective working environment.

More than 75% of organizations find it difficult to attract and retain talent. With an effective talent management strategy, it is possible to gain talent, encourage employee development and strengthen the employer brand as a preferred employer of your organization. Research shows that supporting professional career development is the most important way of gaining talent, retention and productivity. However, many institutions continue to do once-a-year performance assessments which can be ineffective

It is possible for the organization to follow a more successful way with the right talent management by using certain strategies.

  • Creating a career-oriented culture to increase participation of the workforce and retention.
  • Developing workforce and talent strategies to increase organizational agility.
  • Utilizing assessment methods to help employees develop a career map in line with their capabilities.
  • Providing employees the tools they need to improve and undertake their own careers.
  • Supporting employees to determine their career goals in performance management practices.

In addition, with the increasing importance of sustainability, both professionals and organizations have to develop in a way that they can perform effectively under VUCA (variable, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) conditions. To this end, it is critical to review the corporate culture and seek / develop the following competencies in addition to the existing competencies in employees;

Self Management, Awareness, Agility, Openness to Change / Learning, Taking Risks, Being Innovative, Being Collaborative.

We support institutions to reassess and develop their Talent Management strategies and practices with the help of our wide know-how.