Team and Leadership Workshop

We design company-specific workshops that support organizations to implement their strategies and achieve their goals. These workshops are designed according to the needs of the organization such as leadership skills, coaching, creativity, team development by focusing on ‘awareness’.

We attach importance to the fact that it is a process that is accompanied by questions such as “What can we do to be a better team?”,“ How do we define being a good team?”, “What are our common goals that trigger and move us?”, “Which of our values keep us on track while reaching our goals?” embraced by everyone with hands-on exercises and brainstorming sessions.

We provide these workshops in 'nature', while we host our guests with the guidance of our solution partner "Hasada Yolculuk" at locations close to Istanbul, which applies the principles of sustainable agriculture (organic, local seeds etc). While focusing on our 'internal' and 'business' journeys, participants enjoy experience of being in nature and tasting natural products as well as touching the soil.

We also implement our workshops in a shorter, interactive Webinar format. We focus on digitalization in an effective way, while it becomes even more important to improve employee experience, increase participation and emphasize teamwork. Furthermore, the pandemic conditions and the VUCA environment lead each organization to review its strategies with a new perspective and to act with common sense to re-evaluate opportunities and threats.