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Talent Acquisition

Acquiring the most appropriate 'skills' for the role/institution plays a critical role in helping organizations achieve their goals, increase their profitability and, most importantly, ensure their sustainability. This is possible by creating a comprehensive recruitment strategy and action steps.

Research shows that the cost of a wrong hire is at least five times the employee's monthly salary, and 15 to 20 times for senior managers. For this reason, it becomes more and more important to recruit the most suitable employee for the corporate culture and position with the right recruitment strategies.

Our work in the field of Talent Acquisition begins with a correct understanding of your business, institution and goals. In this regard, with a comprehensive research, it is aimed to provide talents with the most suitable skills and leadership competencies to your organization. In this entire process, it is critical that institutions and candidates are represented correctly and that a long-term win-win model is created.

Talent Acquisition (Executive Search) work steps:

• Conducting position and recruitment needs analysis

• Competency and potential measurement

• Suitability for the job/role

• Adaptation to corporate culture

• Adaptation to the team

• Orientation (On-board Coaching)

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