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Talent Assessment

Assessment and Development Center studies; These are services provided to obtain comprehensive and objective information about the current and potential competencies of employees, to reveal behavioral models that bring success in the current/targeted role, and to identify development needs for more effective business performance.

By the Assessment and Development Center studies; insights into how individuals will perform in their targeted roles and what type of support they may need in certain activities provide opportunities to enhance success and performance. Thus, development plans that support individuals to be more successful in their current or targeted roles contribute significantly to both the organization and the their current or targeted role make a significant contribution to both the institution and the employee.

Areas where Assessment and Development Center Projects are Implemented;

• Recruitment Projects

• Promotion/Backup Decisions

• Creating a Talent Pool

• Determination of Training Needs/ Development Plans 

It can be summarized as follows.

In Assessment and Development Center studies, tools such as case studies, role plays, simulations, competency-based interviews, 360-degree assessments and inventories designed according to the corporate culture and position competencies are used. DISC Leadership Competencies, FlowQ and 16pf are the inventories we use most frequently. And when necessary, data can be obtained from different inventories implemented by the organization. ​​

With the outputs obtained at the end of the Assessment and Development Center studies, the development areas of the employees are determined and their development is supported through training, individual and/or team coaching services. With these studies, it is ensured that the awareness of the employee about himself/herself, his/her job and the organisation is increased and road maps and action plans are determined.

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