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Outplacement, which is an important part of the employee experience,  It is a career consultancy support provided to employees who are at a crossroads with their institutions to reintegrate them into the workforce. 

While outplacement is an indicator of the value institutions place on their employees, it also supports corporate values. Outplacement, which has a history of approximately 60 years in the world, is provided as a compulsory service under certain criteria in some countries.

Research shows the contributions of Outplacement service to institutions; It is shown as increasing employees' loyalty to the institution by seeing the importance that the institution attaches to its employees, protecting the efficiency of the institution and brand reputation, reducing financial and legal risks, and increasing the productivity and profitability of the institution. Outplacement is also considered a social responsibility project. Every investment made in employees creates a social benefit. This also positively feeds the brand value of the institution.


Outplacement service, which is a career counseling service, provides services to departing employees; 

- Determine the next career step, 

- Taking and interpreting inventories showing personality and leadership characteristics, 

- Raising awareness about strengths and areas open to development, 

- Updating their resumes, 

- Providing information about the current market situation, 

- Providing support during the job search process and establishing business contacts, 

- Encouraging them to achieve their career goals,

- Includes providing comprehensive and professional individual development support to enable them to succeed.


As TalentFocus, we design Outplacement programs according to the needs of our customers and the profiles of the participants. 

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