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Our Solution Partners

As Talent Focus, we believe that success is further developed through collaboration and strong partnerships. That's why we care about providing creative, innovative and sustainable solutions by working with leading organizations in their fields.

Plusture UK


Plusture UK has been providing consultancy services on strategy and operational issues to companies aiming to enter the UK market, and also organizes artificial intelligence training. With our collaboration, we carry out talent acquisition, evaluation and development projects and design special artificial intelligence training for organizations.


We develop structured Mentoring Programs that work in institutions with the Mentorink application, which brings Mentoring and Coaching processes to the digital platform and offers opportunities such as matching with smart algorithms, creating inspiring customized content, live video-chat tools, instant feedback and follow-up-analysis.


DISC Academi


We frequently include inventories and solutions for different needs, especially the DISC Personality Inventory, in our workshops and other studies. We interpret the DISC inventory with Team Reports and Leadership Development outcomes and use it extensively in teamwork or one-on-one Assessment-Coaching-Mentoring studies.


We use the FlowQ platform, which provides important data on cognitive, skill and competency analysis of talents with a holistic approach, in Talent Acquisition, Evaluation, Development and Coaching studies. At the same time, we offer consultancy services that include a holistic evaluation by determining the participants' internal motivation sources, values, and areas of adaptation to the corporate culture.




As TalentFocus, we would join forces with BRYQ, which offers an Artificial Intelligence-based Talent Management Platform solution, with the aim of taking our Talent Management Services to the next level. Bryq, which has received awards in the field of talent intelligence, offers solutions by providing objective data in the field of recruiting, evaluating, directing talent to the right job and developing corporate culture.

Davranış Bilimleri Enstitüsü

As certified consultants of the 16pf inventory, which is one of the most widely used and reliable personality inventories in the world; We use !6pf in Recruitment Consultancy, Development and Coaching activities. In addition, Learning Styles, Sales Competencies Inventory, etc. We provide consultancy on the use and interpretation of inventories that serve different purposes from a perspective that provides value to institutions.

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