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Coaching Studies

Coaching, which is basically change management, is a learning, change and development process that focuses on achievable goals, revealing the existing potential of individuals and organizations with the awareness it creates. Coaching studies; It includes the steps of gaining perspective on people's abilities, skills, values, main motivations, strengths, areas of difficulty, goals, beliefs and attitudes and creating action plans/road maps accordingly.

The development of people receiving Coaching Service is supported in three areas from a broad perspective: 

• Self-Management – Self-Leadership

• Managing One's Business - Leadership of One's Business

• Managing One's Relationships (with All Stakeholders) – Leadership of the Team/Environment

Services provided:

 • Executive Coaching

• Team Coaching

• New Assignment/Onboarding Coaching

• Career Coaching

 Positive personal developments in companies receiving coaching services are as follows;*

• Improvement in relations with subordinates and employees 77%

• Improvement in relations with superiors 71%

• Increase in teamwork efficiency by 67%

• Improvement in relationships with other managers 63%

• Increase in job satisfaction by 61%

• 52% decrease in internal conflicts

• Increase in loyalty to the institution by 44%

 *Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study commissioned by ICF and independently conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching program; It aims to support managers in their personal and professional development, defining their goals, strengthening their leadership skills and increasing their business performance.

This program helps managers realize their own leadership styles/skills and become more effective in their leadership role. Also, from an objective perspective; It provides support in areas such as recognizing/developing strengths, identifying/improving development areas, communicating effectively, strategic thinking, improving decision-making processes, and directing teams more effectively. Thus, a significant increase is achieved in the performance of leaders in their careers and organizations.


Team Coaching:

It is a program that enables teams within the organization to work more harmoniously and effectively, achieve their goals, develop together and obtain more efficient results. Those who work with this program;

• They start to work more effectively together,

• They know each other better, understand their differences and approach each other with respect,

• They focus on their common goals,

• They create synergy, look from different perspectives,

• Their creativity increases,

• They enjoy contributing to each other's development.


New Appointment and Onboarding Coaching 

Although it generally includes Executive Coaching steps, a comprehensive evaluation is made from an objective perspective in order to raise awareness about what awaits the person in his or her new role, and the goals for the first three to six months are agreed upon.


Career Coaching (Individual)

The global environment dominated by rapid change leads us to re-evaluate our career, competencies and main motivation with a more flexible approach. While making this evaluation, we need to ask ourselves different questions and get objective evaluation support in order to create continuity in our careers and be happier and more productive.

Our work within the scope of Career Coaching service;

• Leadership Styles Inventory and Feedback

• Awareness of Competencies

• Determining a Career Roadmap

• Resume Preparation/Revision

• Job Search Process/Creating Job Contacts

• Preparation for Interviews

• Includes Action Plan and One-to-One Follow-Up Process.

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