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  • Talent Intellegence

    Talent Intelligence for better productivity, a stronger culture and overall company success

  • Assessment and Development Center

    Obtaining comprehensive and objective information about talents’ competencies, skills, determining development needs

  • Awareness and Coaching Studies

    Supporting employees to gain perspective about their skills, values, main motivations, strengths and development areas

  • Team Workshop

    Custom designed Workshops & Webinars on Leadership, Self-Coaching, Boosting Awareness & Agility for Organizations

  • Online Mentorship Development

    Mentoring Programs that accelerate the development of employees by creating a mutual learning partnership…

  • Career Coaching

    Clarifying career goals by evaluating people's competencies, skills, motivations & developing action plans…

Talent Focus Referans
Talent Focus Referans
Talent Focus Referans
Talent Focus Referans
Talent Focus Referans
Talent Focus Referans
Talent Focus Referans
Talent Focus Referans
Talent Focus Referans
Talent Focus Referans
  • I noticed my development areas. I think understanding the characters of my friends will have positive effect in the business environment. YY
  • It was good to experience this. It was great, thank you. YY
  • It was useful in terms of showing the big picture. It strengthened the feeling that I am in the right place. ÇC.
  • Thanks for your calm and consistent moderation. ÇC.
  • My awareness has improved and it helped me to realize some of my development areas , thank you. ÇK.
  • It motivated and enlighted me to see big picture, also raised my awareness, thanks. AA.
  • It contributed to getting know ourselves, encouraging action and thinking deeply. BÜ.
  • It helped me to share the same perspective with my team mates. Thanks. AY.
  • Thank you very much for the Mentorship Program, which made a significant contribution. I have been more successful, and experienced less stress. Also people around me have noticed this development.
  • Mentoring matches have been very successful. We share sample customer cases in our meetings and it is very helpful.
  • I liked DISC inventory although I did it before, I think it suits this process very well. Digital Mentoring Platform is useful and the reminders are successful.
  • It was the most effective program I benefited from. Our meetings were very efficient, and we will continue our meetings even after the program.