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Corporate Mentoring Program

Mentoring, a learning culture where knowledge and experience are shared collaboratively, helps employees reach their full potential, supports their personal and professional development, and develops leadership and coaching skills in current and future managers.

Mentoring Development Programs are being adopted by more and more companies as they enable Mentors to develop their leadership skills, increase retention by contributing positively to employee development and experience, and use corporate resources.


Research shows that;

• More than 70% of Fortune 500 companies implement mentoring programs,

• People who have been Mentored and Menteed are promoted 5 times more often in business life,

• People who have been Mentored and Menteed earn 20% more income,

• 60% of people state that mentoring is a vital factor in choosing a job.

Mentoring can be used for many different purposes. For example; Leadership Development Programs, Onboarding Programs, Talent Development (Talent Pool) Programs, Reverse Mentoring, Intern Recruitment Programs, Diversity and Inclusion Programs (e.g. Women Leaders).

In the projects we carried out together with our business partner Mentorink (Digital Mentoring Platform) in this field;

• Designing the program goals and structure

• Mentor-Mentee orientation/trainings

• Internal launch-announcements

• Preparation of content,

• Appropriate inventory use and training

• Making matches using smart algorithms

• Reporting and process tracking

• Supervision and continuous improvement

We complete processes such as and carry out project management.

Mentoring is a Leadership Model.

“Before becoming a leader, success is all about yourself, but after becoming a leader, success is about how much you develop others.”


Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch  

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