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Discovering the Right Talents in Recruitment Processes with TalentFocus

As TalentFocus, we would like to emphasize the importance of competency-based interview techniques to recruit, evaluate and develop the most suitable talents in the business world. In this blog post, we would like to talk about how competency-based interview techniques are used in recruitment processes and the advantages of this approach.

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The Importance of Competency-Based Interview Techniques

Competency-based interviews are an effective method for predicting candidates' future performance based on their past experience, behavior and motivation. As TalentFocus, we analyze candidates' job-related competencies, skills and potential in depth using these techniques. This approach enables more accurate and informed decisions to be made during the recruitment process.

How Competency-Based Interview Techniques Work

  • Structured Questions: Competency-based interviews use structured questions specifically designed to understand whether candidates demonstrate certain competencies.

  • Real Life Scenarios: Candidates are presented with real life scenarios and asked how they would act in these scenarios. With this, candidates' practical skills and problem-solving abilities are evaluated.

  • Behavioral Assessment: Candidates are evaluated based on their behavior and attitudes in their past experiences, as well as their suitability for the job and their potential performance.

Advantages of Competency-Based Interview Techniques

  • Correct Recruitment Decisions: With these techniques, it is objectively evaluated how suitable the candidates are for the job.

  • Better Performance Prediction: Candidates' past experience and behavior is a good indicator of their future job performance, this data is evaluated.

  • Objective and Fair Process: Competency-based interviews offer an equal and fair evaluation process to all candidates.

  • Effective Employee Development: Effective employee development plans can be created by determining the strengths and areas that need to be improved of the recruited candidates.


As TalentFocus, we help you make your recruitment processes more effective, efficient and fair by using competency-based interview techniques. In addition, we would like to discuss the Leadership Style Inventories and Strategic Case Exercises we use in a separate blog post.

We know that in recruitment processes, measuring issues such as compliance with the corporate culture, team dynamics, leadership styles, as well as suitability for the role, plays a very critical role in determining the right candidate. Seeking out these answers is critical when designing competency-based interview questions. You can contact us to transform your recruitment processes with a competency-oriented approach with TalentFocus.


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