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The Rapid Rise of Mentoring Programs

Mentoring can be expressed as a learning partnership based on an experienced or expert person sharing his experiences and supporting the other person to take action by raising awareness . In fact, it can be said that activities such as consultation, solidarity and even 'asking someone who knows', which have been carried out informally until now, should be carried out in a more systematic and conscious manner.

Recently, it has been seen that Mentoring Programs are rapidly being implemented all over the world or plans are being made for the coming periods. It has been reported that Mentoring Programs are implemented in more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies, and professionals who have been mentored and menteed are 5 times more likely to be promoted and their earnings are 20 percent higher.

The mentoring process not only accelerates the development of the mentee, as it is thought, but also the development of the mentor's leadership skills. Mentoring; While supporting the mentee to direct his life with conscious choices by becoming more aware of his own strengths, values and main motivation areas; It is a process that improves the mentor's communication skills and increases his awareness of his leadership style. On the other hand, the motivation of making a positive impact on someone's life also makes a distinct contribution.

Especially during the pandemic period, when we connect with each other on digital platforms but desire to be connected more than ever, the power of support-solidarity and collaboration creates an incredible impact. In addition, Mentoring provides great support to organizations' efforts to increase employee commitment/engagement.


According to an article published in Forbes, it is stated that there is a 200% - 300% increase in Mentoring Programs not only in large institutions with 5000+ employees, but also in smaller institutions. Target-oriented, systematically planned and measurable programs are seen as smart investments and given the green light. This increase is expected to be even higher in 2021 and beyond.

In our research as TalentFocus, we observe that this momentum is also valid for Turkey, and many institutions have implemented or planned one or more Mentoring Programs. One of the main reasons for this increase can be said that personalized development and diversity/inclusion programs are increasingly preferred and cost-effective, digital applications are seen as a more attractive investment for institutions.

Have you included the Mentoring Program in your 2024 Employee Experience plan? If yes, how did you plan it?

Dilek Gumuslu


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