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The power of RS; Resilience & Solidarity

The year 2020, which we entered with new hopes and wishes, has already gone down in history as an unforgettable year. When the pandemic process was added to the VUCA (variable, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) conditions that have been on the agenda for a long time, many things have inevitably changed in our ways of working and doing business.

McKinsey Global Institute announced the results of its survey of 800 business leaders from around the world to examine the long-term effects of Covid-19 on working styles. These results show that “not only did millions of people become unemployed, but the jobs that emerged after this crisis were likely to be different from those lost.”

Job losses, rapid change, economic conditions, uncertainty, chaos and high risk challenge most of us individually and socially. As this process prolongs, the extra effort we make to maintain all balances can cause physical, mental and emotional fatigue. The power we need to manage all of this comes from the wisdom we have internally and the solidarity we receive externally.


Resilience; It is the ability to adapt, endure, cope with the troubles and difficulties encountered and then become stronger, healthier and more successful. This ability, like creativity, is not an innate ability, but rather a skill that can be learned.

Although the competence of Astuteness , which is an internal strength, is very important, it can be incomplete on its own in such a challenging environment. When this deficiency is completed with the Solidarity approach coming from outside, a great unity of power emerges.

Solidarity ; It is the mutual bonding of individuals with unity in emotions, thoughts and common benefits, and their support for each other in all matters. The support felt in this unity environment makes individuals stronger. We see that the common pandemic problem experienced all over the world can only be overcome in solidarity with each other.

So how does Diyet competence develop? How to create solidarity?

The first priority is to accept that "change" is a normal flow of life and necessary for progress, and that difficulties are often a driving and necessary force for change. At the same time, it is also important to develop a positive attitude in the face of difficulties and stressful events. The meaning of this attitude; Rather than being negatively affected by troubles and difficulties, the individual believes that he can direct events as he wishes and puts this belief into action. He realizes that developing this attitude is his own choice. Awareness, acceptance and action approaches enable inner strength to emerge.

Solidarity is one of the most important values we have as a society. He has the awareness of being able to say/be "we" without losing his individuality, feeling that he is part of a community and receiving all the support he needs. Highlighting this value takes us one step further by making us stronger in the face of all difficulties.

The unity of these two forces, internal and external, also shows that everything experienced beyond the judgment of good/bad is an experience that supports the learning process and that we can get better with the unity of Resilience and Solidarity.

Songül Sancaktar


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