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What the New Generation Wants in Business Life: Expectations of Generation Z

new generation

Today's business world is experiencing significant changes with the entry of Generation Z into the workforce. As TalentFocus, we will examine the expectations of this new generation from business life and how these expectations are reflected in the business world.

Technology and Flexibility

  • Technology Integration : Generation Z grew up with technology and therefore attaches great importance to technological integration in the workplace.

  • Flexible Working Hours and Remote Working : These opportunities are among the expectations of Generation Z from their workplaces, and employers are taking steps in this direction.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Generation Z evaluates environmental and social responsibility issues. They prefer companies that care about sustainability and ethical business practices, requiring employers to focus more on these issues.

Career Development and Learning Opportunities

  • Continuous Learning : Continuous learning and self-improvement are among the basic expectations of Generation Z.

  • Training Programs : For this generation, career development opportunities and training programs are an important factor in choosing an employer.

Work and Life Balance

Generation Z attaches great importance to work and life balance. Flexible working arrangements and harmony of business life with personal life are among the expectations of this generation from employers.

Working Environment and Culture

  • Creative and Innovative Working Environment : It is among the priorities of Generation Z.

  • Open Communication and Teamwork : A positive company culture is what this generation looks for in workplaces.

Transparency and Participation

This new generation expects transparency and participation in business processes. It is important for Generation Z to be involved in decision-making processes and feel that their voices are heard.


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